Assignments en route.

Jun. 29th, 2017 12:31 am
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Sorry for the delay, but after some tweaking it looks like we've got 3 pinch hits and no one without a potential recipient. Assignments will go out in a few minutes and the pinch hits will be sent out tomorrow evening when I get home from work.
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Road Trip Confessional
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 2, complete
word count (story only): 1434

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, my Mercedes story group, and the Road Trip series. ::

::Pay Special Attention: Cash compares workaday supervillainy to the range of reactions G gets due to gender and misgendering. Joshua hints that he has very, very strong tensions between wanting to acknowledge G as a boy, and wanting to save the things that were part of Gabrielle Bishop's childhood. The matter is not discussed long, nor resolved, but it hints at a deep wound.

“I distinctly heard the phrase, 'cop, catch.” Joshua pointed at himself. “Me cop,” he jerked a thumb at Cash, his face lighting with a merry grin. “You robber.”

“And you've just proven that you're the smartest cop in a half-mile radius,” Cash retorted, muffling his own laughter.

Joshua shrugged. “Works for me. Besides, I thought you'd like to sleep more than two or three hours. Kids at that age are like fireflies, on and off and on again at intervals. Beyond that, there's a significant chance that she'll have a nightmare and wet the bed, and I'm simply more experienced with the cleanup.”
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This is interesting, because technically I have no songs "to drive to" because I don't drive. Haven't had a license in 30 years. I do, however, have a Road Trip playlist on Spotify, which I acquired for my trip to Escapade 2016 when a friend drove me. So I put together a list of several hours' worth of reasonably high-energy high-volume no-deep-thoughts songs. I'm not going to list them all, though.

Highway to Hell | Louie Louie | Blitzkrieg Bop | All Revved Up with No Place to Go | Down Under | Rebel Rebel | Trigger Happy | Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) | Footloose | Sister Christian

Wayne's World gave us the definitive driving song )

Meme list

15 minute closing warning

Jun. 28th, 2017 10:25 pm
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Sign-ups will close at 10:45pm EDT. Once sign-ups are closed, I'll attempt matching. If all goes well, I'll send out assignments tonight. If I run into unmatchables, I'll deal with that in the morning.

Fic corner is not closed yet

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Figure you've got about an hour from the time stamp on this post.
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Ford is recalling more than 402,000 Transit vans in North America to replace the driveshaft flexible couplings, a recall that apparently could take a while to complete.

The 2015-2017 Transit vans can stop moving if the flexible couplings crack and separate from the driveshafts. In addition, a separation can cause the Transit to roll away when parked if the parking brake isn't applied.

Ford also says a separation can damage brake and fuel lines, possibly causing a loss of braking or fires from leaking gas lines, however, the automaker says no crashes or injuries have been reported.

Out of the 402,462 vans in North America, 370,630 are in the U.S., 2,361 in federalized territories, 3,217 in Mexico and 26,254 are recalled in Canada.

The automaker says the recalled vans/buses are equipped with medium, long and extended wheelbases and chassis cab/cutaways with medium wheelbases, all built in Kansas City between January 17, 2014, and June 15, 2017.

Ford dealers will do an interim repair for now, at least for some Transit owners. Based on the data, Ford doesn't believe the current flexible couplings will separate from the driveshafts in vans with less than 30,000 miles. Any vans with under 30,000 miles or vehicles that have had their driveshaft or driveshaft flexible couplings replaced within the last 30,000 miles won't be repaired yet.

Customers should schedule repair appointments with dealers when the vans hit 30,000 miles to have the interim repairs performed.

For vans with more than 30,000 miles, dealers will make interim repairs consisting of replacing the driveshaft flexible couplings every 30,000 miles until final repairs are available and completed.

The permanent repair will see dealers make one of two repairs: Installing a redesigned flexible coupling with a modified driveshaft bracket and shield, or installing a revised driveshaft equipped with a universal joint.

While owners may not like waiting for final repairs, Ford isn't liking things much better as the Transit recall will reportedly cost the automaker about $140 million.

Ford didn't say when the 2015-2017 Transit van recall will begin, so owners should watch for official recall notices from the automaker.

Affected Transit owners with questions should call Ford at 866-436-7332. has owner-reported complaints about Ford Transit vans.

Fic Corner Scribbler Letter

Jun. 28th, 2017 08:59 pm
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Placeholder. Nothing to see here yet.
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Posted by Cheryl Eddy

Alan Moore has had many works adapted into films—including Watchmen, From Hell, and V for Vendetta—but noir thriller Show Pieces, first released in 2012, is the first time the acclaimed author wrote specifically for the screen. The five-part series hits horror streaming network Shudder tomorrow.


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Posted by George Dvorsky on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Researchers at Liverpool John Moore’s University have reconstructed the face of a man who lived in Dublin some 500 years ago. Incredibly accurate reconstructions like this are providing archaeologists with new way of studying the past—while also allowing them to visualize some of the most forgotten figures in history.


watersword: Bradley James as Prince Arthur in Merlin (2008, BBC) (Merlin: once and future king)
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An incomplete list in no particular order:

reading, writing, no 'rithmatic

Jun. 28th, 2017 04:45 pm
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I will start with my usual Wednesday reads, because there is not much to say here as I haven't finished anything since last Wednesday. Well, I started a couple of ebooks I got via Instafreebie, but neither of them held my interest:

What I recently abandoned:

Assassin Princess by Laura Greenwood - really a short story, but I still didn't get to the halfway point. Mispunctuated dialogue and a sloppy structure, not very interesting.

The Priestess and the Dragon by Nicolette Andrews - An interesting setup in an ancient-Japan-ish fantasy world, but the main character, Suzume, felt like the Mary Sue that has everything bad happen to her before she turns out to be the Chosen One and Saves the World, and the writing, while technically fine, just feels too romance-y, if that makes any sense, for my tastes. I was not surprised to see in a Goodreads comment that this book was originally posted on Wattpad.

What I'm currently reading:

Text, fiction: Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb, the third book in the Fitz and the Fool series and the final book in the Realms of the Elderlings series. I am approximately halfway through. Yes, I was currently reading this last week, too, but it's a brick, and also, it's really very meaty, with a lot to think about as I read.

Audio, fiction: Beast by Donna Jo Napoli. I am not sure whether I want to finish - I'm about 1/3 through - but I gotta say, this is the first YA book I've ever encountered with canon bestiality. o.O

Text, nonfiction: Dungeons and Dreamers: A story of how computer games created a global community by Brad King and John Borland. This is what I settled on to read on my phone during my recent backpacking trip, and it's surprisingly interesting! The thing is, I was a D&D player; I played Advent, and Zork, and hung out in a MUD with friends. I remember Spacewar, and Sierra On-Line games. So reading this gives me the same vague nostalgic warm fuzzies that I got from watching Halt and Catch Fire, in that the outlines of the story are familiar to me but the details are all new and fascinating.

What I'm reading next:

I released my hold on Thick as Thieves, and anyway, it's going to be a while before I am done with the things I'm currently reading! But this week's Sync audiobook (until the end of the day!) is Terry Pratchett's early short story collection The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner and other stories, so if I abandon Beast I might switch to that.

What I've recently written:

Night on Fic Mountain authors and artists have been revealed, so now I can point to what I wrote:

The Student Librarian (4819 words) by Isis
Fandom: The Invisible Library - Genevieve Cogman
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Irene (The Invisible Library), Bradamant (The Invisible Library)
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Backstory, Caper Fic, slight hint of one-sided Irene/Bradamant feelings
Summary: Irene had been Bradamant's student once, and she knew exactly what it meant. (The Invisible Library, chapter 7)

This is a great world to play in, but it's apparently not a very well-known series, alas. Oh, well.
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Posted by Philippe Leblanc

What is a Glacier by Sophie Yanow, Almanac 2017, by Iona Fox & Undocumented, The Architecture of Migrant Detention* by Tings Chak. I read these three comics in the days leading up to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement. The second most polluting country in the world said it wasn’t interested in stopping the walk towards […]
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Posted by James Whitbrook

It’s no surprise that a comic book based on the classic whodunnit board game Clue is outlandishly silly—after all, just like the beloved movie, it’s hard to take the fact you’re an adaptation of a board game with any sense of seriousness. IDW’s new Clue series rolls with that, and takes it a step further with several…


Batman Beyond #9 review

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:13 pm
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Posted by Jay Yaws

One of the most important aspects of Batman Beyond is that of legacy.  What is Bruce’s legacy?  Is it a failed mission as Batman?  After all, there is still just as much...

The post Batman Beyond #9 review appeared first on Batman News.

Detective Comics #959 review

Jun. 28th, 2017 08:59 pm
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Posted by Brandon Mulholand

Previously in the pages of Detective Comics: The Order of St. Dumas has activated an A.I. program that will transcend the faults that all the previous Avenging Angels eventually succumbed to.  Concurrently,...

The post Detective Comics #959 review appeared first on Batman News.

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Posted by Nick Douglas

Do you always install your air conditioner on a sweltering summer day, or rush to do your taxes in mid-April? For absolutely necessary tasks like these, a to-do list isn’t always enough. You need to block out time on your calendar, and treat these tasks like actual appointments. We’ve listed all the best to-do items…


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Posted by Charles Pulliam-Moore

There are few items that have had a larger effect on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise than the Sony Walkman. While its presence in the studio’s films is played up largely for laughs and character work, the Walkman and the music held on its cassettes have profoundly shaped the look and feel of the movies.


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Posted by Jane Marie on Jezebel, shared by Melissa Kirsch to Lifehacker

So, what’s your problem? You don’t have any? OK, what’s your lover’s problem? Oh, crap, they just dumped you. Bummer. Uhh, how about your mom? What’s your mom’s problem? She’s dead!? I’m so sorry. Any problems with your boss? You’re unemployed. Hm.



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